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Industry Background and Ocean Systems

Given the dominance of Windows-based video and graphics solutions available today, it may be hard to remember a time when this didn't exist. In the early 1990s, there were very few PC based solutions available for animation, graphics and video, and the ones that did exist were only available on a limited number of expensive MAC and Unix SGI platforms. After all, Windows PCs were for spreadsheets, not animation, graphics and video. Well, in the early 1990's things started to change. Ocean Systems was at the leading edge of a movement, designing and manufacturing the first DOS and Windows solutions that helped change an entire industry to what you see today.

Honored with the unique designation, First Avid Systems Integration Partner

Starting in 1997, Avid Technology began shipping its first Windows-based editing solutions. Prior to this time, Avid had only been available on a MAC. Since Ocean Systems was a pioneer in designing and manufacturing DOS/Windows animation and CG graphics solutions, Avid chose us to design an "Avid Qualified Platform" for its first Windows-based editing solution, Avid MCXpress. At this time, Ocean Systems was also honored with the unique designation of "Avid Systems Integration Partner".

1st Windows-based Avid Editor - The Rackmount

As an Avid Systems Integration Partner, Ocean Systems designed Windows platforms from the ground up selecting components specifically to run the Avid Technology editing applications to their peak performance. While most PC-based solutions were only available on a standard tower chassis, Ocean Systems released the first Windows-based Avid in a true Rackmount chassis.

1st Avid Mobile Editing Systems

Ocean Systems continued to expand the functionality of Avid editing by releasing the first fully functioning Windows-based Avid portable editing systems, The Luggable and The Fly-Away mobile editors.

1st Comprehensive Forensic Video Tools

Starting in 1999, Ocean Systems began expanding the power and functionality of Avid editing system by designing the dTective forensic AV modules that have transformed the Avid editing system into the most powerful forensic video processing system available.

Marketing Leading Solutions

We are humbled yet proud to say we remain the market leader in Forensic Video Clarification solutions with over 1500 systems in place. As years have passed, we have continued to listen, innovate and adapt as the challenges of forensic video clarification have changed. Not long ago the market was dominated by analog security systems. Collecting that evidence was as easy as hitting the eject button on the VCR. Now the market is dominated by digital video security systems that capture in a multitude of different formats and resolutions.

Field Tested by our US Armed Forces

Our forensic solutions are used by all levels of Government including Federal, State and Local. These systems have been battle tested by our Armed Forces in Kuwait and Iraq.

Proven, Powerful, Flexible and Focused

  • Founded in 1987
  • Pioneering Development of DOS/WINDOWS Graphics and Video Solutions since 1992
  • Avid authorized system integrator since 1997
  • Qualified Avid platform since 1997
  • Listed on the Avid GSA contract
  • 1st Rackmountable Avid
  • 1st Portable Avids - The Luggable and Fly-Away
  • Exhibiting in the Avid Booth at NAB since 1997
  • Developing the most powerful forensic video solutions