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Avid Studio Toolkit ( Software Only)

For Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer

Avid FX

Based on Boris Red, the industry-leading integrated effects package, Avid FX provides the widest range of high-quality titling and effects ever offered in an NLE. Available separately or as part of the Avid Xpress Studio suite of integrated applications, Avid FX works as an AVX plug-in. With over 1500 customizable title, effects and transition templates it’s the ultimate combination of power and convenience.

Product highlights include the industry’s most advanced title animation, dynamic compositing, motion tracking, vector paint, rotoscoping, animated 2D and 3D charts, EPS file import and animation, true 3D DVE, and over 110 powerful filters including Wire Removal, Light Zoom, Light Wrap, Z Blur, Grain Match, Motion Blur, powerful keying and matte filters, and a wide range of time effects.

In addition to software integration, Avid FX integrates with Avid Mojo DNA hardware, displaying output from the Avid FX composite window on a broadcast monitor in real time.

Key Features of Avid FX:
  • Integrated effects creation - Save time by creating effects for video projects where the project is being created: inside the Avid NLE
  • The industry’s most advanced titling - Take advantage of native vector text, one-click animation, powerful styles, text on path (text- and path-animatable in 3D space) and more, to easily distinguish your titling capabilities from your competitors
  • Powerful compositing and image processing technology - Over 110 effects filters, integrated dynamic compositing, powerful keys and mattes, time filters, and more
  • Graphic animation including 2D and 3D charts and EPS support - Import and animate client logos, or create powerful custom graphics, including charts from imported data
  • Customizable effects templates - The Avid FX library of over 1500 title, effects and transition presets mean that you can very quickly start using these powerful features without a steep learning curve