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Ocean Systems Tower

The Tower from Ocean Systems - 8-Core Avid Qualified CPU

Forensic Processing Workstations

16 Core Xeon Processing

  • UHD/4K/1080P Qualified
  • SSD System Boot Drive
  • USB 3.0 (Ext)
  • M-Disc - Blu-ray RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW (Int )
  • Write Blockers¬†Optional

Learn More About Adding:
Forensic Video Enhancement and Clarification Tools

The Tower is also qualified for Avid Media Composer

The Tower - Sturdy Construction & Smart Design

Ocean Systems workstations are purpose built, application tested and supported by us in house vs outsourcing to a call center.

The Tower is everything you need in desk-side unit because its sturdy design that is well ventilated and easy to access. It also provides ample room for internal storage and upgrades.

The Tower’s steel construction provides you a strong and durable system. Both side panels can be easily removed, providing full access to the interior for periodic maintenance.

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