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Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions
Video - Image - Audio

Balancing Power with Ease of Use

Scalable Solutions

Solutions for Collection, Clarification and Analysis
Ocean Systems provides the market leading solutions for collecting, processing and managing all forms of multimedia evidence including video, still images and audio. Our scalable-modular solutions allow us to provide you the right professional mix that meets your specific needs and budget.

Portable Digital Video Capture and Processing (Omnivore)
Omnivore is a password protected USB drive that contains specialized capture software that run direction from the Omnivore drive so it requires no installation as you move it between systems to do video capture. With Omnivore, you have the ability to capture evidence directly from the proprietary players that recorded, at uncompressed quality, and then instantly view it without the need to load hard-to-find proprietary viewers.

Forensic Video Recovery Field Kit & Portable Processing

The Omnivore Field Kit provides you the ability to capture video directly from the machine that recorded the video by connecting video cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources) directly to the video feeds coming from the system. Add additional Ocean Systems forensic tools to create a complete portable forensic video acquisition and processing station.

Forensic Image Clarification (ClearID)
Regardless of where the images originate, be it proprietary CCTV-DVR digital video, analog video, or images that you scanned such as latent prints, ClearID provides you and easy to follow tabbed workflow interface and filters to help you can unlock hidden details in your evidence.

Forensic Audio Clarification (QEAS)
This all-in-one audio clarification module includes powerful automated and manual filters in a streamlined interface that easy to get results.  Designed specifically for forensic audio clarification, there is no need to hunt through a complicated list of audio effects filters designed for creative audio professionals looking to do sound effects.

Forensic Digital Evidence Asset Workflow (QuickDME)

QuickDMEâ„¢ provides you a database driven solution for ingesting, securing, accessing, viewing and disseminating all your digital media assets in an organized workflow. And with powerful features like its integrated player manager, you can centrally store proprietary players and associate them with their media type. Then when media of that type is accessed through QuickDME by you or others in the system, the files with automatically open in the correct player for viewing and processing.

Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions (dTective)
Combine the above tools along with the full dTective suite and an Ocean Systems workstation to create a complete forensic multimedia evidence processing, clarification, archiving and evidence presentation workflow suitable to be the heart of your unit.

Forensic Multimedia Lab Solutions
Create a multi-system solution by combining our portables and office workstations for an integrated workflow between your forensic video field acquisition and office forensic video processing systems or add one of our networked shared storage solutions for an integrated lab environment.

Hear what current users are saying - Testimonials

Mike Price

"My unit has been able to help our Major Crimes Units and other detectives, and even other departments within our county look at video in a better light. Every time a Detective brings me something they learn something new about what's getting done."

Mike Price
Dupage County Sheriff's Office, IL

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