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No one tool does it all.  

Omnivore and Omnivore Field Kit are for screen capture in the lab and in the field. ClearID is an expanded suite of image clarification filters. iNPUT-ACE is built from the ground up to read proprietary video files allowing you to view them, insert your observations, process them to a narrative report with the video embedded.  It even has some video editing features like sub clipping, stabilize, etc. 

So where does dTective and Avid Media Composer fit in? 

dTective is a suite of AVX plugins for Avid Media Composer and some stand alone tools like archive-R. So with dTective/Media Composer, you have the full set of Media Composer features, a video editing timeline and the dTective plugins for redaction, frame averaging, and presentation. 

And with the release of dTective 7.5, you now have 13 new ClearID filters as Avid AVX plugins

You of course still get the dTective AVX plugin suite

SpotLight - For redaction by bluring faces as the moves through videos.

dVeloper - For live frame averaging by Region on Interest. Just scroll to the location in the video you want to frame average, lasso the region and that area will instantly be frame averaged.

MAGNIFi - Select an smaller area in the video to display larger

arithMATIC - Using Subtraction you can see the pixel difference before and after. Ideal for shop lifting reviews.

dPlex/dPlex Pro - Two ways to dPlex video when its been multiplexed.

archive-R - A stand along application for archiving digtal media files into one hashed file.  Compatable with Avid Media Composer Projects.

Interested in learning more?

Watch our Technology Review Webinar where Larry Compton, Digital Media Expert for Ocean Systems walks you through dTective and Avid Media Composer.

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