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So where does dTective and Avid Media Composer fit in forensic multimedia evidence workflow ? 

Omnivore and Omnivore Field Kit are for screen capture in the lab and in the field. ClearID is an expanded suite of image clarification filters for getting better details from your digital media evidence. iNPUT-ACE is standalone software application for reading proprietary video files allowing you to view them, insert your observations, process them to a narrative PDF reports that included the embedded video.  It even has some video editing features like sub-clipping, stabilize, etc. 

Working in a Full Blown Video Editor

Working in a full featured digital non-linear video editor was the standard for processing video evidence when the field of Forensic Video Analysis first got established, and there is still a place for one in your workflow as Avid Media Composer has continued to evolve to handle the many formats of digital video that are out there.

With a non-linear video editor, you get a multi-track timeline to help you visualize and properly align your evidence for further processing and presentation using Avid Media Composer and the dTective suite for clarification, analysis, redaction, and presentation of your multi-media evidence.  

Avid Media Composer Time Line View

What is dTective?
dTective is a suite of Avid Media Composer AVX plug-ins, and some stand alone tools such as;
for archiving and cleaning up your Avid storage, and tools like dPlex Pro for cold cases where you have multiplexed video that needs demultiplexed to seperate the cameras so you can video the footage.

dTective 7.5 - Now Includes ClearID Clarification Filters for Processing Video

With the release of dTective 7.5 4/14/17, Ocean Systems has expanded to processing power of the dTective suite by including 15x ClearID filters as Avid Media Composer AVX plug-ins, so you can now easily apply ClearID imagine clarification filters across and entire video.

Now with dTective and Media Composer, you have the full set of Media Composer video editing tools, a video editing time line, and the previous dTective plug-ins for redaction, real-time frame averaging, and presentation of your evidence. 

ClearID filters as Avid AVX plug-ins

And you get the previous dTective suite of AVX plug-ins

  • SpotLight - For redaction by blurring faces as the moves through videos.
  • dVeloper - For real-time frame averaging by Region on Interest. Just scroll to the location in the video you want to frame average, lasso the region and that area will instantly be frame averaged.
  • MAGNIFi - For presentation. Select an smaller area in the video to display larger
  • arithMATIC - For analysis. Using Subtraction, you can see the pixel difference before and after an event.
    Ideal for shop lifting reviews.
  • dPlex/dPlex Pro - for demultiplexing video.  Two ways to dPlex video when its been multiplexed. You can even deal with pan-tilt-zoon footage. Great for cold cases.
  • archive-R - A stand along application for archiving digital media files into one hashed file.  Compatible with Avid Media Composer Projects.

Interested in learning more? Watch our Command Staff Level Presentation

Watch our Technology Review Webinar where Larry Compton, Ocean Systems Digital Media Expert and Trainer for walks you through Avid Media Composer and dTective.

Avid Media Composer features by version

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