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Ocean Systems will participate in the following seminars and conferences in 2014:


Trade Shows Date Location
IACP LEIM - IACP Law Enforcement Information Management Section May 20-22 Atlanta, GA
Police and Security Expo June 24-25 Atlantic City, NJ
NATIA Conference Aug. 2-8 San Diego, CA
LEVA - Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association Oct. 6-10 Coeur d'Alene, ID
IACP - International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police Oct. 25-28 Orlando, FL
Seminars and Webinars Date Location
Seminar - From Acquisition to Prosecution - 3 hrs
– Better Understanding the Value and Challenges of Digital Video Evidence

Omnivore Field Kit & ClearID - Seminar Listing
– Learn about DVR Field Acquisition, Digital Video Capture and Image Clarification using Ocean Systems Solutions

Omnivore Field Kit Webinar Listing
– Learn about DVR Field Acquisition using Ocean Systems Solutions

QuickDME Webinar Listing
– Learn about Crime Scene Photography and Digital Media Evidence Management


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