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QuickDME™ - Digital Evidence & Viewer Manager

Regardless if you are a single license user or a multiple license user using shared storage, QuickDME is the tool you have been missing that brings organization and efficiency to your digital media processing workflow - from acquisition to dissemination.

Download a 60 Day Trial

If after 60 days you are not convinced you need a license, all your data will be simply be organized in accessible folders for you. Single License is $2,495

Ingest and Manage
Ingest and organize your evidence by using workflow templates that removes user error while also collecting valuable metadata that can be easily accessed in reports such as, who collected the media, where, who checked it in. 

Viewing and Processing - Including Leveraging Your Existing Processing Tools
Once the media is ingested, you have several options for viewing and processing. First there is our integrated QuickView viewer that can read many proprietary formats.  For more viewing and processing power, you can send the media to programs such as iNPUT-ACE, Photoshop/ClearID, etc using right click > Sent To.  Once processed, you can check in the media in as derivatives. Then when ready, you can disseminate your evidence using secured cloud web services such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Drop Box.

Associate Proprietary Players to Their Media Formats

Once you ingest a proprietary player and associate it to its media format, any new evidence of the same type will be auto associated allowing users to simple right click on the media > view is associated player.   If you have multiple licenses where you are sharing your evidence location via a network, this allows other users to access the evidence and viewers in the same manner without needing to locate the appropriate players on their own.

New Features in QuickDME v3.0

  • QuickView - viewer now supports more file formats with more player controls
  • Send to iNPUT-ACE - supports even more formats than QuickView and adds processing tools
  • Derivative Workflow - Once processing is complete, check your assets back into QuickDME
  • Disclosure - Supports Drop Box, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure
  • Overview Video of these new features

Previous Key Features

  • Player Manager (Manager) - Associate a proprietary player with their proprietary media type.  Once new media is ingested of that media type, the association is already there for you and other users. Simply Right-Click > Play in Associated Player, and a virtualized player will load to view your media.
  • Auto disc burning by Crime Type with various hash levels for ingested media.
  • Custom Fields - Have a specific SOP you want to implement ? There are 10 customizable fields that allow you to easily do that.

Easy-to-Use, Secure, Scalable,
QuickDME™ is a digital media evidence management solution that can be used on a single forensic processing workstation station or grown to a multi-license networked shared solution for a unit or department.

Supports All Digital Media Files
Video, images, audio, documents and programs. Additionally, the data management engine preserves folder structures of ingested media to ensure proper play back of proprietary media files.


1x Single License Workstation Solution $2,495 or

3x License pack for just $4,995



Kiosk Ingest Stations
QDME allows you to set up dedicated kiosk ingest only stations where digital evidence gets ingested, tagged, and automatically burned to disc along with photo logs and upload logs.

Demo Package Available on Request

  • Demo Database and Sample Media
  • 3x User Licenses for 30-day
  • User Guides and How To Videos


Ready to See QuickDME in Action ?

Watch a Two minutes - Overview video

QuickDME - Quick Downloader(tm)



"QuickDME has helped us to simplify and standardize our agencies cataloging, auditing, and dissemination of all our digital evidence." I’ve used a previous version named Downloader for years, so I was pleased to learn Ocean Systems acquired this product and did a major rewrite to support current versions of Windows, while also expanding the features, speed and security options.

The upgraded version called QuickDME™ is a work horse at our agency that brings organizations and efficiency to our entire digital media workflow.


Need to Manage Your Crime Scene Photography

QuickDME originated as a crime screen photography solution so being able to effectively manage crime scene photos is core to its design with many applicable features such as - ingesting multiple cases at once with hashing and auto disc burning as an optional setting, restrict to authorized cameras and file types, raw file support, tagging and photo logs, ability mark items as sensitive for restricted viewing, and more.

Benefits - Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk with Security and Auditing

QuickDME Suite:

• Quick Downloader™ support Kiosk Setups

• AccessDME

• Admin Configurator

• Database Setup

Contact Sales to review how QuickDME can benefit your department.