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QuickDME™ - Digital Evidence & Viewer Manager

Secure, Scalable, Easy-to-Use
QuickDME™ is a secure digital media evidence processing and management solution that can be use on a single forensic processing station or network shared within a unit or across an entire department with multiple locations.

Manage All Your Digital Media Assets & Proprietary Players
QuickDME™ allows you to ingest digital media assets and players, then associate them to specific file types.  When you return to view the evidence later, the digital evidence can then be opened in the associated player, ready to view and process. This allows additional users who are networked with proper permissions to access the evidence and viewers in the same manner without needing to locate to appropriate players on their own, thus streamlining your ingest, viewing and dissemination of your media assets.

Need to Manage Your Crime Scene Photography

QuickDME originated as a crime screen photography solution so being able to effectively manage crime scene photos is core to its design with many applicable features such as - ingesting multiple cases at once with hashing and auto disc burning as an optional setting, restrict to authorized cameras and file types, raw file support, tagging and photo logs, ability mark items as sensitive for restricted viewing, and more.

Benefits - Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk with Security and Auditing

Supports All Digital Media Files
- video, images, audio, documents and programs. Additionally, the data management engine preserves folder structures of ingested media to ensure proper play back of proprietary media files.


Case Syntax, Crime Types, Incident Naming Categories, what evidence gets hashed and by what hash algorithm, can all be customized to match the needs of your agency's protocols and standards. We even provide additional custom fields to further define your case information or evidence ingests.

Get started with our 3x license pack for just $4,995


Kiosk Ingest Stations
QDME allows you to set up dedicated kiosk ingest only stations where digital evidence gets ingested, tagged, and automatically burned to disc along with photo logs and upload logs.

Demo Package Available on Request

  • Demo Database and Sample Media
  • 3x User Licenses for 30-day
  • User Guides and How To Videos


Ready to See QuickDME in Action ?

Watch a Two minutes - Overview video

QuickDME - Quick Downloader(tm)



"QuickDME has helped us to simplify and standardize our agencies ingest, cataloging, auditing, and dissemination of all our digital evidence." I’ve used a previous version named Downloader for years, so I was pleased to learn Ocean Systems acquired this product and did a major rewrite to support Windows 7 while expanding the features, speed and security options. The upgraded version called QuickDME™ is a work horse at our agency for ingesting all our crime scene photos, printing photo log reports, and organizating and sharing all our video and other digital case assets.

QuickDME Suite:

• Quick Downloader™ support Kiosk Setups

• AccessDME

• Admin Configurator

• Database Setup


Starter Suite Includes (1x) Dynamic Floating Licenses & 1 yr phone support $1995

Unit/Dept Starter Suite (3x) Dynamic Floating Licenses & 1 yr phone support $4995

Contact Sales to review how QuickDME can benefit your department.