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iNPUT-ACE - Video Processing Workflow Engine For Investigators

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iNPUT-ACE - About

iNPUT is a powerful standalone application for processing digital media evidence. Simply drag proprietary videos into the iNPUT-ACE interface to view them. Then process your evidence using a comprehensive suite of options such as marking frames, creating sub-clips, adding notes, stabilize, and more. Then export your results to come open formats such as AVI, MOV, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. to disseminate using the Narrative Report feature that combine your tagged assets and your observations.

iNPUT-ACE Version 2.1 Released

iNPUT-ACE Lite and Full - Annual Subscriptions - Now Available

In our surveillance society, there are many hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional players. iNPUT-ACE allows your investigators to instantly view, enhance, and process this critical evidence.

iNPUT-ACE is designed for:

  • Use of Force Investigation
  • Traffic Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Sexual Offense Investigation
  • Homicide Unit
  • Robbery Unit
  • Identification Unit
  • Video Unit

Basic Functions

  • View Proprietary Files (Drag, Drop and Play)
  • Create Sub Clips with Notes, Enhancements, Redactions
  • Export to Reports with embedded images/video, and more…

More Functions

  • Stabilize Video, Frame Average, Resize
  • Hashing Videos at a Frame Level
  • Batch Processing
  • Save to Lossless Compression and save valuable Disc Space
  • Save Workflows for Later Use
  • Sync Multiple Video Clips into a Matrix and Drag to Rearrange them using Canvas Editor


"iNPUT-ACE performs flawlessly! The resulting video is so reliable, most defense attorneys simply stipulate to the video output. iNPUT-ACE is comprehensive and fast. With its simple drag, drop, and play functionality, I can now do so much more in far less time. It is the fastest and most reliable video processing tool I use."

VICKI LONG Alameda County District Attorney’s Office


Digital Evidence Storage Workflow Engine, Player Manager and Dissemination - QuickDME

Regardless if you are a single license or a multiple license user using shared storage, QuickDME is the tool you have been missing that brings organization and efficiency to your digital media processing workflow - from acquisition to dissemination.

Ingest your digital media evidence by case number, crime type, with optional scheduled purge policies for in-car, body-worn, etc.  Then associate the native player for that media format for further access by yourself or other connected in a network setting.  When ready, Send To iNPUT-ACE for processing then check the evidence back in as a derivative ready too disseminate using QDME Dissemination Services.

Learn about Ocean Systems QuickDME