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12/15/17 Omnivore Released


Ocean Systems announces the release of Omnivore v3.0.0.26, a maintenance release that addressed a bug where using TIFF for image capture occasionally caused Omnivore to crash.

11/22/17 Omnivore Released


Ocean Systems announces the release of Omnivore v3.0.0.25, which includes a New "Set to TFP" link on the Output Settings tab, added additional system information to the Omnivore capture and report, as well as a few minor bug fixes.

12/16/15 Omnivore USB 2.0 Drive to USB 3.0 Replacement Program Announced


To ensure your forensic processing ability is maximized and not interrupted, we are providing our USB 2.0 customers with this drive replacement program that allows you to get the latest Omnivore technology for less than half the price of a new Omnivore.

02/06/15 New USB 3.0 64GB Drives and 3.0 Software Features


Ocean Systems announces the release of Omnivore v3.0 capture software with many new and improved features alone with new faster and larger USB 3.0 64GB drives.


New DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (3 Day) - Available Dates

This 3 day class will provide students with an overview of the multiple challenges and issues that may arise or should be considered when acquiring digital video evidence using multiple techniques. It has been developed based on the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA)’s “Best Practices for the Acquisition of Digital Multimedia Evidence”, with consideration also given to various other industry related guidelines and best practices.



Omnivore Video Acquisition Field Kit Released


The Omnivore Field Kit provides you the ability to capture video directly from the machine that recorded the video by connecting video cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources) directly to the video feeds coming from the system.


Omnivore v2.0 w/Active Audio Sync Released - Ready for Immediate Download

Utilizing the results from the Omnivore Video Optimization Tool, Omnivore Active Audio Sync (AAS) allows you to capture audio that remains in sync with low frame rate and changing frame rate videos.


Omnivore v1.6.1.4 Free Update Released

Ocean System announces the release of Omnivore v1.6. This is a free upgrade to all Omnivore customers.


5,000 Hours of Riot Video processed using Omnivore

Article - The 2011 hockey riots in Vancouver proved the value of the latest innovations in forensic video technology

Evidence Technology - January/February, 2012 Issue


Stanley Cup Riot Vancouver PD Investigation News Updates and More

How would you like to come home and see your Hummer afire?

Watch a video interview of investigators who processed the Stanley Cup Riot Videos.


Omnivore Plays Vital Role As World’s Top Forensic Video Analysts Gather to Investigate Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots Video Evidence

Riot Investigators at Vancouver Police Department turn to Ocean Systems’ Forensic Video Analysis Solutions to process and analyze over 3000 hours of video evidence related to the June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver


Omnivore v1.5.1.3 Free Update Released

Ocean System announces the release of Omnivore v1.5. This is a free upgrade to all Omnivore customers.


Omnivore from Ocean Systems Released - The Next Generation of Digital Video Field Acquisition for Law Enforcement

Now first responders and experienced analysts alike can go on location with confidence that they can walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence they need to investigate the case. With Omnivore, you have the ability to capture video evidence directly from the system that recorded it without any dropped frames. Once captured, you can instantly view your evidence without needing to install hard-to-find proprietary viewers.