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How ClearID Works

ClearID® is a series of forensic image clarification algorithms that expands the forensic image processing power of Adobe Photoshop®. Open an image and then launch the ClearID Workflow interface. On the left you will see ClearID algorithms and on the right Adobe Photoshop algorithms that are categorically similar.

Launching ClearID: You can access ClearID from either File>Scripts>ClearID Workflow or from the Adobe Photoshop Filters menu. The tabbed interface is set up to provide you an order of processes that will yield the best result.

Below you will see the ClearID interface Tab 3 Focus Correction with Interactive Lens DeBlur selected.


After applying your settings, ClearID stores your settings in a unique layer. This allows you to follow your processing steps and compare results by turning the layer on or off using the eye icon to the left of the layer name.


ClearID Interactive Lens DeBlur
Radius 3.83 Noise Level 14.28 Hash Value Summary #702962#

Applying ClearID and Photoshop filters through the ClearID Workflow Interface provides the following functionality:

  • Opens a new layer
  • Converts the image(s) from 8-bit channels mode to 16-bit channels mode for greater precision.
  • Sets image view to 100%.
  • Ensures all hidden layers are visible.
  • Sets opacity to 100%
  • Records your settings, runs an MD5 hash and stores those values in the layer name.


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