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QuickDME - Digital Evidence Asset Manager - (09-15-17)

Available for download

iNPUT-ACE v 1.2.3 - Digital Evidence Processing and Workflow Engine - (07-10-17)

Release History

dTective 7.5.1 - Includes ClearID 3.3.0 (06-23-17)

Available for download

archive-R 1.13 - Avid Project Archiving and Restoration Tool (04-12-17)

Available for download

ClearID 3.3.0 - 64bit - Released (12-06-16)

Available for download

Omnivore v3.0.0.17 with Viewer Released (06-04-15)
Available for download

Omnivore USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 Drive Upgrade Program

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QuickEnhance Audio Clarification AAX v2.3.2, AS v2.3, VST v2.2.1 64bit (02 -01- 15)

AAX Supports Media Composer 8.2 - AS Supports Media Composer 7.0 to 8.1

Available for download

Omnivore Field Kits (5-10-13)

Supports Video Captures From: VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources
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Avid Media Composer 8.8 (2-2017)

Avid Media Composer 5.0 or later — includes the new Avid AMA feature that provides Instant Access to Digital Video without the need to import media into your Avid. 

This is a great workflow when using Omnivore captures or media prepossessed in iNPUT-ACE.

Arrange Multiple Camera views and Redactions

After you run dPlex Pro, just export your camera views and you can access them instantly in Avid using Avid AMA. You no longer need to wait as the files import. Now, using Avid to analyze video have never been easier.

Video Demonstration of AMA Media Access and Download Avid AMA Plugins

Forensic Workstations Qualified to Run the Most Processing Intensive Software


The Tower from Ocean Systems - 8-Core Avid Qualified CPU

Forensic Processing Workstations

16 Core Xeon Processing

  • UHD/4K/1080P Qualified
  • SSD System Boot Drive
  • USB 3.0 (Ext)
  • M-Disc - Blu-ray RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW (Int )
  • Write Blockers¬†Optional

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