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Classes Times - run from 9AM to 5PM with an early dismissal on Friday, no later than 3PM depending on the material covered.


FVA 101: Introduction To Forensic Video Analysis - (4 day course)

Training Schedule 1:


OPEN: Seats still available for these classes

Dec 2 - 5 (T-F) 2014 - (Port St. Lucie PD, FL)
Jan 6 - 9 (T-F) 2015 - (Anaheim PD, CA)

March 3 - 6 (T-F) 2015 - (RMIN, Phoenix, AZ)
Apr 7 - 10 (T-F) 2015 - (Univ. of Indy, LEVA Lab)*

* Class held the week before LEVA LVL 1 at the same location so sign up for both and get 2 weeks of training. LEVA LVL 1 April 13-17th, 2015

New Class Dates Added Regularly

FULL: Class dates listed below have been filled

Nov 4 - 7 (T-F) 2014 - (Ocean Systems, MD)

Sept 9 -12 (T-F) 2014 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
Aug 5-8 (T-F) 2014
- (Suffolk County DA's, MA)

July 29 - Aug 1 (T-F) 2014 - (Ocean Systems, MD)

June 03-06 (T-F) 2014 - Ocean Systems, MD

May 06-09 (T-F) 2014 - (Daytona Beach PD, FL)


DVR REC: DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (3-Day) DVR Rec - $895

Training Schedule 2:

Nov 18-20 (Tu-Th) 2014 - Vancouver PD, BC, Canada
Dec 9-11 (Tu-Th) 2014 - Miami-Dade Police - Free Seminar held Monday before this course

Feb 17-19(Tu-Th) 2015 - Anaheim PD, CA

Mar 23-25 (M-W) 2015 - Ocean Systems, MD

Sept 16-18 (Tu-Th) 2014 - Anaheim PD - (Class is Full)
Aug 19-21 (Tu-Th) 2014 - New York State Police Academy, NY (Class is Full)
June 11-13 (Wed-Fri) 2014 - Tarrant County DA's, TX (Class is Full)


Free Seminars:

From Acquisition to Prosecution - Understanding the Value and Challenges of Digital Video Evidence

Dec. 8 (Mon) 2014, 9AM-12PM - Miami-Dade Police  Register Now



Selecting The Right Person To Send To Training

Selecting a person or persons who are enthusiastic about learning and developing their skills in the field of multimedia evidence processing is probably the single most important choice in maximizing your agencies investment. Forensic Video Analysis is computer driven process. While learning the basics is not difficult, students need to be proficient in a Windows environment.

Students are expected to have at least an average skill level with computers such as: creating folders, saving files, navigating through the Windows environment, basic troubleshooting skills, installing software, etc. Basic computer skills are not taught in Introduction to Forensic Video Analysis.

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