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Training Courses Offered and Dates

  • DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (2 Day) - Available Dates
  • Image Clarification & Processing w/ClearID - (2 Day) - Available Dates
  • FVA 101: Forensic Video Analysis (Intro Course) - (5 Day) - Available Dates
  • iNPUT-ACE: Dynamic Video Workflow Engine for Law Enforcement (2 Day) - Available Dates
  • LEVA: Forensic Video Certification Programs @ UIndy - Learn More
  • Trade Show, Seminar and Webinar Listing - Click here

2018 Training Classes - Beginning in 2018 the FVA 101 class will be a 5-Day class (previously 4 days), and the DVR Recovery class will be a 2-Day class (previously 3 days). Prices have been updated accordingly.

Class Registration - If you have an valid training voucher, email us for registration instructions training

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Custom Professional Services

Do you need remote custom  training by product, workflow review or even case consulting ? We can set you up with one of our FVAs to help get you targeted training that addresses your specific questions without you leaving the office, allowing you to get the help you need most when you need it.  il sales with your requirements.


FVA 101: Introduction To Forensic Video Analysis - (5 Day)

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Omnivore, Omnivore Field Kit, iNPUT-ACE, PS/ClearID, Avid video editing/redaction, dTective Suite, QuickDME


Feb 26-Mar 2 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
May 14-18 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)


Nov 14-17 (T-F) 2017 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
Aug 22-25 (T-F) 2017 - (Ocean Systems, MD
April 25-28 (T-F) 2017 - (Ocean Systems, MD)

February 21 - 24 (T-F) 2017 - (Miami Beach PD, FL)



DVR REC: DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (2 Day) - $695

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed:
9x different DVRs used for hand on recovery using various methods, Omnivore, Omnivore Field Kit, QuickDME

Ask our sales staff about bringing this class to your agency!


Mar 20-21 (T-W) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD
June 12-13 (T-W) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD


Sept 11-13 (M-W) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *
Jun 5-7 (M-W) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *
Mar 13-15 (M-W) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *
Dec 13-15 (T-Th) 2016 - Syracuse, NY (Agency Reserved)


Image Clarification & Processing w/ClearID - (2 Day) - $495

2018 Training dates TBA in October, 2017 - stay tuned!


Sept 14-15 (Th-F) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *
Jun 8-9 (Th-F) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *
Mar 16-17 (Th-F) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD *


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iNPUT-ACE - (2 Day)

Dec 4-5 (M-T) 2017- Ocean Systems, MD
Mar 22-23 (Th-F) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD


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* hosted by OCCAM. Once you've ordered the class through Ocean Systems, register using the link below:

(If you already ordered, register here).

Jan. 30-31 (M-T) 2017 - Ocean Systems, MD
Mar 27-28 (M-T) 2017 - West Palm Beach, FL *
April 06-07 (TH-F) - Denver, CO *
May 30-31 (T-W) - Vancouver, BC  *

July 27-28 (TH-F) - Tempe, AZ * 


Selecting The Right Person To Send To Training

Selecting a person or persons who are enthusiastic about learning and developing their skills in the field of multimedia evidence processing is probably the single most important choice in maximizing your agencies investment. Forensic Video Analysis is computer driven process. While learning the basics is not difficult, students need to be proficient in a Windows environment.

Students are expected to have at least an average skill level with computers such as: creating folders, saving files, navigating through the Windows environment, basic troubleshooting skills, installing software, etc. Basic computer skills are not taught in Introduction to Forensic Video Analysis.

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