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Most law enforcement agencies deal with digital video, image and audio evidence at some level or another be it CCTV evidence, cell phone, in car or body-warn evidence.  That is what Ocean Systems specializes in, with software, hardware, training and support that helps investigators and first responders collect, manage, process and disseminate all forms of digital media evidence - from acquisition to dissemination.

As a market leading provider for the Collection, Clarification, Analysis & Report Generation for digital media evidence, Ocean Systems has trained over 5000 students in the USA and around the world Worldwide.

Today, we continue to innovate and adapt our products and training as the challenges keep changing regarding the collection, processing and management all forms of digital media evidence. 

For example, not long ago the market was dominated by analog security systems and cameras. Collecting that evidence from CCTV security systems was as easy as hitting the eject button on the VCR.   Now the market is dominated by digital video security systems that capture in a multitude of different proprietary formats and resolutions - so those are the challenges we assist you with today.

Comprehensive Forensic Video Solutions

Starting in 1999, Ocean Systems began expanding the power and functionality of NLEs such as Avid Media Composer by designing forensic video modules that have transformed the Avid video editing system into the powerful forensic digital video processing and presentation solution.

Since that time, we have developed tools that expand on industry standard products such as ClearID for Photoshop.  We also released a Field Kit for onsite video recovery and processing. And to bring the entire process together, we released QuickDME, our digital evidence processing and evidence management platform.  And along the way we continue to partner with companies to bring their solutions into our offering so we can provide you the right tools that fit your needs and budget.

We look forward to assisting you.

Innovative, Powerful, and Proven

  • Founded 1987
  • Developer and integrator of Windows Video Solutions since 1992
  • Authorized Avid Systems Integrator and Qualified Avid platform since 1997
  • First Portable Avid NLEs with the introduction of The Luggable and Fly-Away for armed forces.
  • Since 1999 Developing and Representing the most powerful forensic video solutions