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Expand power and functionality of your Avid system with Avid add-ons. Avid add-ons come in the form of Avid plug-ins that run from inside the Avid interface or standalone programs that are compatable with Avid.

Avid Plug-ins The term Avid Plug-ins describes applications that appear in your Avid palettes so they can be applied directly to clips without leaving your Avid editing application.

Two types of Avid Plug-ins:
Avid AVX Plug-ins are Avid video effects that show up in your Avid FX palette.
Avid Audio Suite Plug-ins
are Avid audio processors that show up in AudioSuite palette.

Avid Add-ons The term Avid add-ons is typically reserved to describing standalone applications that integrate with your Avid solution. Some add-on programs can be integrated with the Avid interface using the Avid "Send To" function. Here is an example

For a more complete list of Avid add-ons and Avid Plugins us the links at the bottom of this page.

Avid Add-ons From Ocean Systems

archive-R - Archive, Move, and Restore Avid projects with ease.

Launch archive-R and it will scan your system for Avid projects then display them as private, shared or external, just like Avid does. Add additional files like Word documents, Power Point, or any other logical files to your projects. Archive to hard drive, disc or both.

archive-R also includes restoration drive mapping so you can restore your projects to the area where you have the most free storage.

Supports: Avid Media Composer, News Cutter, Symphony, Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Xpress

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Avid Plug-Ins AVX From Ocean Systems

SpotLight: Spotlight is an easy-to-use Avid AVX plug-in for selecting a region of video to highlight or blur. You can define a shape anywhere from a square to a circle, then work with either the inside or outside of that shape using different filters, including blur, mosaic and scatter.

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Avid Plug-ins Audio Suite From Ocean Systems

QEAS: Audio Clarification Reduce background noise such as hums, electrical interference, air conditioners and tape noise to improve the clarity of low voices.

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Additional Resource For Avid Plug-ins, Audio Suite, and Add-ons

Here are two resource pages on the Avid web site for Avid Plug-ins and Avid Add-ons: