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Archive Avid Projects and Any Digital Media in Just 4 Clicks

Archive, Restore, or Move Avid Projects with Ease

archive-R is an easy-to-use standalone software application for archiving, moving, and restoring complete Avid Projects and all their associated files including: Bins, Sequences, Media, Attics, Settings, Everything. 

In one simple archive process, archive-R allows you to archive to a hard drive, burn or span to DVD, and remove the original files from your system (optional). This process can also audit your assets with our integrated hashing feature that can generate a hash for each file achieved and restored.

Archieve Any Digital Media In The archive

archive-R allows you to drop- n-drop any digital media into the archive. This allows you to back-up all your assets into one consolidated archive file.  Omnivore files, Notes, Photoshop files, everything.

Key Features:

  • Scans Avid projects for all associated Avid project files.
  • Compatible with Avid OMF, MXF, and AMA media.
  • Add any digital media in the archive, i.e: graphics, projects, notes; anything.
  • Archive any digital media as a standalone archive even if there is not Avid project to back up.
  • Archive to HDD, CD, DVD, DVD-DL, and Blu-ray, including disc spanning.
  • Restoration Mode Drive Mapping allows you to restore the files to the drive(s) of your choice.
  • Delete Avid projects and all Avid associated media in two easy steps
  • Scan and cleans orphaned Avid files from your system (attics, projects, and Avid media)
  • Share project and media. Restoring archive-R projects does not require an archive-R license. 
  • FREE TRIAL VERSION on download page.

Easily Share Avid Projects with Non archive-R Users
You are not required to purchase archive-R to restore an archive-R archived project.  Simply download and install the archive-R FREE TRIAL version and you're ready to restore using the free archive-R restoration module with Drive Mapper.

Introductory Offer: archive-R (Workstation Edition) $495

Archive More Quickly

Device-by-Device Transfer Speed Chart

SafeAV 1200 Raid Storage from Ocean Systems.  Speed up your archiving with fast storage.

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Product brochure available under the specifications tab.