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Avid Media Composer Features - by Version - Wikipedia Page


Media Composer Summary of Features by Version

Avid Media Composer 2018.11 November 2018

• DNxUncompressed now supports 8 bit and 10 bit (Timeline is 16 bit max), and is available in ANY raster dimension!

Avid Media Composer 2018.10 October 2018

• Additional Color Space presets for Progressive HD projects.

Avid Media Composer 2018.9 September 2018

• New DNxUncompressed codec!
• Support for DNxID device
• AMA File Export options updated
• Real-Time Streams Limit removed
• More updates to the Live Timeline

Avid Media Composer 2018.7 July 2018

• Added 16K project presets
• More control over resizing composer window
• Live timeline allows you to perform a number of tasks while a sequence plays
• Support for Hight Frame Rate Projects (100, 119.88, 120)

Avid Media Composer 2018.5 May 2018

• Ability to change track in create/edit Marker window

Avid Media Composer 2018.4 April 2018

• Media Composer Ultimate Introduced
• Timeline Clip Notes can now include thumbnail
• Timeline Clip Notes Quick Find
• Updated Markers window w/more ability to customize columns

Avid Media Composer 2018.3 March 2018

• Use Shift+Drag to select/deselect tracks in Capture Tool & Digital Cut Tool

Avid Media Composer 2018.2 February 2018

• Setting Font & Size in Find Window

Avid Media Composer 2018.1 January 2018

• New mappable Quick Find button
• Export separate WAV files per track

Avid Media Composer 8.10 December 2017

• AutoSync clips based on audio Waveform Analysis
• New 8K project presets

Avid Media Composer 8.9 August 2017

• Avid Generic Link Plugin - Natively supports more .MOV & .MP4 files w/o QuickTime libraries
• Set Effect Editor to Automatically open when you apply effect

• Source Browser - Larger thumbnails, faster display of thumbnails, ability to expand/collapse
• Support HiRes Monitors w/scaling up to 200%
• New buttons/commands to move clips up/down in timeline

Avid Media Composer 8.8 February 2017

With this release, we have the return of PhaseFind and ScriptSync.

• Timeline Clip Notes
• PhraseFind - Search & Find audio dialogue (optional $199)

• ScriptSync - Analyzes audio & matches it to lines of script text. (optional $499)

• Find (Search) Window Improvements

• Release Notes PDF

Avid Media Composer 8.7 Dec 15 2016

• New Set Default Bin View

• Rotation Presets in FrameFlex - to help auto adjust video with the wrong orientation.

• New Clip Info Shortcut

• New Match frame with Title - You can not match frame back to the source like you could with video

• Updated Timecode Burn-In allowing you to set the start point better

• Release Notes PDF

Avid Media Composer 8.6 June 30 2016
• New Source Browser (!)
    • Link, Import & Preview (via thumbnail and/or in Source Monitor w/o adding to bin/project)
    • Target Bin selection also w/create new bin option
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Avid Media Composer 8.5 January 2016

• Windows 10 64 bit Professional Support
• New Custom Project Preset Manager
• Consolidated menu options (no more “Special” menu, etc)
• Media Cache settings now include Video Cache Settings tab (!)
    • Similar to Photoshop, set memory allocation now specific to video (not just thumbnails)
• Drag clip up in timeline to create new track
• New Group clip sync based on WAV form (!)
• Effects Palette Filter & Search

Avid Media Composer 8.4 June 2015

• Custom Canvas Projects

• High-Res & 4K workflows
• New search bins field from projects menu and search inside a bin
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Avid Media Composer 8.3 December 2014
• 4K/UHD native support
• DNxHR for hi-res
• Higher frame rate options for hi-res, up to 60fps

• Support for new I/O hardware

- Older Workstations need to be validated they support the above versions (2008 time frame)-

Avid Media Composer 8.2 October 2014
• Background Effects Rendering/Render Effects Settings
• Favorite Bins – accessible from all projects (!)
• Search in Project Window
• Search text in all markers, in both open & closed bins via Ctrl + F
• Image Cache Settings – set memory allocations for Thumbnail caching, clear cache

• Uses CPU SSE 4.1

Avid Media Composer 8.1 July 2014
• Alt & Drag within timeline to create duplicate clip

Avid Media Composer 8.0 May 2014

• Monthly/annual subscription licensing support

• Avid Application Manager introduced

• Filter out AMA media in Media Tool

Avid Media Composer 7.x July 2013

• Dynamic Media File Folder (DMF)

• Frame Flex

• Managed AMA

• Waveform Caching

• Dynamic Bin Naming

• Setting to enable or disable frame blending in Motion Adapters

Avid Media Composer 6.5 Sept 2012
• Relink media using more extensive Meta Data information
• Relink multiple QT AMA all at one

Avid Media Composer 6.0 Nov 2011
• First 64-bit version - helpful for intensive processes such as HD AMA files
• Improved UI (more tabs, less modal, easier to use)
• Open I/O (Supports 3rd party video hardware. More flexible hardware options)
• audio mixing support with interoperability with Pro Tools
• DNxHD 4:4:4 format
• Built in store plug-ins

Avid Media Composer 5.5.1 March 2011 - What's new
Phrase Find (free 30 day demo available) do text work searches on audio files
• AJA Capture in/out
• Argus Series extroller support

Avid Media Composer 5.0 June 2010 What's New Russo

• Windows 7 qualification

• AMA (QuickTime) support: No need to import anymore. No re-wrapping. Directly link to native files
• Stabilize ( new enhanced version - there is also a legacy region stabilization
• AMA support for RED HD file support

• Smart Tools: Direct timeline editing. This makes editing easier for beginners.
• Mixing Frame Sizes and Aspect Ratios
• Transcoding Mixed Rate Material
• Working with RGB Color Space
• Matrox Mini output support
• Realtime Artez audio plugins
• ScriptSync will become a paid option on future versions

Avid Media Composer 4.0 Sept 2009
• Mix and Match different frame rates on time line Cutting Edge Series
• AMA Avid Media Access added GFCAM 100 support
• Software Activation (dongleless)

Avid Media Composer 3.5 March 2009 what's new Russo
• AMA Avid Media Access API Released: Support for XDCAM, PS2, GFCAM 50
• Stereoscoptic 3D editing
• Keyframable Color Correction
• FluidStabilizer

Avid Media Composer 3.0 - June 2008 What new
• Introducted DX line Nitris DX and Mojo DX and GPU support with PCIe connection.
• RT timecode generator
• SubCap

Avid Media Composer 2.7 May 2007
• ScriptSync

Avid Media Composer 2.5 June 2006
• Media Composer Software only
• Mojo and Mojo SDI support
• Tracker

Avid Media Composer 2.0/Avid Xpress Pro 5.0 (Dec 04/Mar 05)
AVX 2.0 added - advanced keyframing with 16bit color channel processing
HD support
10-bit video
SpectraMatte keyer