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ClearID Unlock Code Request Form

If you landed on this page from ClearID Registration screen in the CID Workflow Interface and your CID Product Key is populated in the form below, skip the following steps and complete the form to request your unlock code.

If you have landed on this page from Ocean Systems FAQs > How to request a ClearID Unlock code, or you are requesting an unlock code from a seperate system because your CID system is not connected to the internet, below are instructions for generating your ClearID Product Key.

Step 1: Locate Your CID Serial Number (SN)

This is located on inside cover of the ClearID DVD Case. If you purchased via software download, your SN should have been emailed to you. A ClearID SN is required to unlock ClearID. 

If you cannot locate your ClearID SN, complete this form and we will attempt to use your contact information to validate your ClearID license and provide you the SNs we have on record. If you have multiple copies, reply with which SN you want unlocked.

Step 2: Generate CID Product Key

With your CID Serial Number handy, Launch Photoshop > open an image > then go to PS Filters > ClearID Workflow to launch ClearID. Then click the CID Registration Button.

CID 3.0: Registration button is on the main ClearID Workflow interface under the Ocean System logo.

CIDv2.6: Go to CID Function Index Tab > Product Registration, Click "OK"
Screen Shots of CID 2.6 Registration Screen and Registration Instructions

Step 3: Complete the Form and Click Submit.
With your ClearID Product Key populated below, complete the form and click submit. 
Once processed, we will email you an unlock code. Please allow one business day.

ClearID Product Information
End User Information
Additional Information