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Ocean Systems Furniture Options

Rack Units to Inches: 1U = 1 3/4"


Option #1

6.9 ft Desk 59"W x 58"D x 36"-41"H &
14U Side Rack 24"W x 29"H x 28"D (14U = 24 1/2")
With steel sub-structure and adjustable riser
Chair not included


Option #2

11U Equipment Rack with 2" casters
25"H x 24"W x 24"D (11U = 19 1/4")
With this option, you would set up your computer monitors, mouse and keyboard on your existing furniture.


Option #3

6.45 ft Omni Desk
77.5"W x 36"H x 35.5"D
Tower Furniture Only - Not for Ocean Systems Rackmounts