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The Ocean Systems Rackmount

16 Core CPU Workstation


1080P, UHD/4K Qualified
Powerful Workstations

The Ocean Systems RackMount, Professional, Rackmountable Avid Video Editing System

Shown with DNxIO and SafeAV Raid Storage Clean Professional Configuration

Ocean Systems Rackmount is quieter than ever with Whisper Technology.

The Rackmount™ is a professional rack-mountable solution, not simply a tower solution turned on its side. As such, all ports and bays are fully accessible and in their proper orientation. Sturdy, compact and clean with thick gauge steel construction this system will install easily into any standard 19" rack cabinet.

If portability becomes important, we can upgrade your Rackmount system to The FlyAway. 

Positive Pressure Ventilation - ensuring components inside are cool.
Sliding Rack Rails - providing you easy access.
Security - Transparent, lockable "Front Access Door" which secures power and peripheral access.
Security - Optional removable boot drive for classified editing.

Add SafeAV RAID Storage

Available With Avid Media Composer

Learn more about adding Forensic Video Enhancement and Clarification Tools

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