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Avid Editing Enviornments for dTective Forensic Video Enhancement Systems

Avid Media Composer Nitris DX

Avid Media Composer® Nitris DX™ is the most powerful and versatile host editing environment for your dTective forensic video enhancement system.  This platform allows many dTective modules to run in Real-Time, can play back multiple streams of uncompressed video, and has the widest range of video inputs and output for capturing, editing, and exporting a widest range of video and audio evidence, including multiple HD formats, uncompressed analog video, MPEG, and DV25.

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Avid Media Composer Mojo DX

Avid Media Composer® with Avid Mojo DX™ offers portability and unmatched price performance to agencies challenged by budget constraints. This platform supports the full palette of dTective modules. The combination of Ocean Systems dTective with Avid Media Composer ® and Avid Mojo DX™ creates a powerful forensic video package, capable of examining both uncompressed video and other digital media formats.

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