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dTective Video Enhancement - Sample Configurations

We design purpose built forensic solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.


The Tower - This "all-in-one" design is the most affordable solution available. The Tower is everything you need in one attractive, desk-side unit with ample room for internal storage, as well as an internal CDRW/DVDRW/Blue Ray drive.

The Rackmount - The Rackmount installs easily into any standard 19" rack cabinet creating a clean, professional work environment. The Rackmount can also be installed into portable shock-mounted shipping cases, creating a The FlyAway configuration.


RackMount with Avid Adrenaline and SafeAV

Laptop - This Avid qualified laptop can be configured with a intelligent docking station to create a powerful workstation with dual external LCD monitors and external storage.

The FlyAway - All in one, transportable solution. Remove the covers and plug in its single power cord. In just minutes, the entire system can be ready to ship or ready to use.

Shown with Avid, Removable Storage & Integrated Video Deck.