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Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions
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Balancing Power with Ease of Use

The following are personal opinions from Ocean Systems users and do not represent an endorsement from their agencies.


Standardize Your Video Recovery Workflow

Omnivore Field Kit

“I’ve used the Omnivore Field Kit several times already and I've been very pleased with the results. This has greatly simplified and standardized my video recovery workflow. And if the DVR has no export options, a broken USB port or CD/DVD burner... No problem. I can still easily walk away with an uncompressed copy of the evidence."

Michael Klein, Parma PD

Spend Less Time In Court - 95% Guilty Pleas & 99.9% Conviction Rate

dTective Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions

"The majority of cases that we deal with here—like 95% of them—result in guilty pleas. Of the cases that do go to court, the conviction rate is probably 99.9% and we've received positive reviews by the judges! Since having the dTective tools, I'd say 90% of the members of patrol now automatically canvas for video evidence in any particular crime. It simplifies the initial process for us to get the get the work in, get the work done and get the work out—with high quality."

Brett Hallgren, Vancouver Police Department, Canada

Get to the Truth In Less Time

dTective Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions

"The actual incident occurred in the very top right hand corner of the video, so I was able to use the MagniFi tool and bring that area into the center of the screen to make it the focus of attention. Then I put the multiple video clips in order into a single camera view to tell the story as it happened. The defense and prosecution then got together and the defendant ended up taking a plea bargain—so it didn't have to go to trial.

Because we had officers, crime scene technicians, and investigators involved in the case, all of them would have had to take time from their duties to go to court and testify and who knows how long that court trial could have been. So, a lot of cases aren't going to trial at all."

Shelly Hisey, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, CO

Processing Cold Cases - See All the Details Available In The Video

dTective Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions

"When I was using the other tools to process evidence in video cases, I believed I was seeing everything that needed to be seen. Now, using the dTective tools, I can see I'm capturing more of what I should have been capturing. In one case, a few year had passed since the time they were arrested until they went to court. The lead investigator was aware that I had forensic video tools for viewing and processing video so he came to me and asked me to look at the case. By utilizing the dTective system, we were able to properly analyze and obtain additional information from the video—that we didn't have before. The additional information we were able to obtain from the video weighed heavy on this case. I believe if I would have presented the original information taken in this case, the jury wouldn't have given it as much weight in their deliberations during the trial."

Eric Kumjian, Miami Dade Police Department Robbery Bureau, FL

Supporting Surrounding Agencies in over 100 Radius

dTective and ClearID Image Clarification

"Prosecutors are thrilled to receive the images and reports we can now produce, which we were not able to provide previously. Video evidence is absolutely the best evidence around. The City of Louisville has a ordinance in place that requires 24 hr business to have surveillance cameras in place and this absolutely assists us in capturing perpetrators. Law Enforcement Agencies come to us from as far as Anderson county—which is over 100 miles—to ask if we can assist in solving crimes that involve surveillance video from stores and other places. When we provide the clarified images, they want to know how did you do that. If investigators do not have these tools, they are doing their community a disservice."

Jim Wood, Louisville Police Department, KY

Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions

dTective Complete Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Solutions

"My unit has been able to help our Major Crimes Units and other detectives, and even other departments within our county look at video in a better light. Every time a Detective brings me something they learn something new about what's getting done. Initially they come in and ask me to give them a license plate or mug shot picture, but now they walk out with a better understanding that there is more to the video then just those two things."

Mike Price, Dupage County Sheriff's Office, IL