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Multiplexed video, What is it?

Security cameras often store video in a multiplexed video format. Instead of an individual video recorder for each camera, the security system rotates through the cameras and records an individual image from each camera to a single video recorder.  The reordering process goes something like this (keep in mind there are 30 frames per second available on NTSC video):

                         Camera 1/Frame 1 - Camera 2/Frame 2 - Camera 3/Frame 3

Once the rotation is complete, the recording goes back to Camera 1 and starts the whole process over again. dPlex, from Ocean Systems, is a universal video demultiplexing tool that allows you to isolate individual cameras from multiplexed video.  The results are amazing.

Multiplexed Video
Demultiplexed Video
multiplexed video demultiplexed video

dPlex Pro - universal demultiplexing tool

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