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dPlex from Ocean Systems
Demultiplexing Video Tools From Ocean Systems

Multiplexed Video Explained

Security cameras sometimes store video in a multiplexed video format. Instead of an individual video recorder recording each frame of video to its own individual camera, the security system rotates through the cameras and records an individual image from each camera to a single video recorder.  The reordering process goes like this (keep in mind there are 30 frames per second available on NTSC video):

                         Camera 1/Frame 1 - Camera 2/Frame 2 - Camera 3/Frame 3

Once the rotation is complete, the recording goes back to Camera 1 and starts the whole process over again. dPlex and dPlex Pro, from Ocean Systems, are universal video demultiplexing tool that allows you to isolate individual cameras from multiplexed video.  The results are amazing. dPlex isolates a single camera and is good for pan and tilt recorded video while dPlex Pro dismultiplexes multiple camera all at once.

Demultiplexed Video
Multiplexed Video
multiplexed video demultiplexed video

dPlex Pro - universal demultiplexing tool

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