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Video Demultiplexing - Universal Video Demultiplexing Tool

dPlex Pro - a universal demultiplexing tool

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dPlex Pro - a universal demultiplexing tool
Demultiplex video from a multiple amount of cameras in a single process

dPlex Pro is a significant upgrade to the original dPlex universal video demultiplexing module. Where the original dPlex video demultiplexer was designed to demultiplex a single camera view, dPlex Pro allows demultiplexing of multiple cameras views in a single pass.

Once dPlex Pro has converted the multiplexed video into demultiplexed video, it's easy to evaluate your video evidence.  dPlex Pro also allows you to easily arrange the camera views by importance, allowing you to focus your efforts and evaluate your video evidence more quickly. Camera views can then be saved as individual demultiplexed video clips or saved in a "matrix" - several demultiplexed video clips allowing a single video clip to display up to sixteen individual camera views simultaneously.

dPlex Pro Features Highlighted:

  • Demultiplexing video recorded from any multiplexed video source
  • Demultiplex video and view multiple camera views simultaneously
  • Save any demultiplexed camera view as an individual demultiplexed video clip
  • Save multiple demultiplexed camera views in a matrix view of up to 16 cameras
  • Arrange camera views by order of importance
  • "Send To dPlex Pro" Command from directly from Avid
  • Uncompressed QuickTime output with no file size limitations