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Video Demultiplexing - Universal Video Demultiplexing Tool

dPlex Pro from Ocean Systems - universal demultiplexer

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Selecting Outputs and/or Matrixes

Once demultiplexed, you select which camera views will be saved, and if they will be placed in a matrix or saved as individual video camera views.


Saving Camera Views in a Matrix - dPlex Pro also allows camera views to be placed in a "Matrix". Using a Matrix view is a powerful way to display mutliple camera views in a single movie file. dPlex Pro allows up to 16 cameras to be viewed in a single movie file.

Camera one is assigned to the upper left quadrant, as shown by the green square. Other quadrants of the matrix currently in use are shown by a darker shade of grey (as shown above).  

Next you save your video clips.  You can save them as individual cameras, in a matrix video, or both.

Thank you for taking the tour of dPlex Pro. For more information, you can contact us or request the free dTective demo CD (this CD is not a trial version of the software, it is only a demonstration CD).