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Video Demultiplexing - Universal Video Demultiplexing Tool

dPlex Pro - a universal demultiplexing tool

Why Pausing Your VCR Is a Bad Idea

Demultiplexing video presents a unique challenge to a forensic video analyst. At first glance, a multiplexed video tape played back in a standard VCR may appear worthless, as up to sixty images flash by on the screen each second. Many forensic video analysts will attempt to isolate an individual camera view by pausing the VCR and advancing the video evidence frame by frame.  Pausing the VCR is a very bad idea as it will damage your video evidence.  Pressing pause may stop the video tape from advancing but the heads on the VCR continue to spin, rubbing the same section of the video tape evidence.  This process can stretch the tape, remove tape materials that store the image, or even break the tape.

Why Printing Multiplex Video Doesn't Work Well

Many investigators will attempt to do a frame grab and print it.  This image will most likely be worthless.  NTSC video is recorded 30 frames per second with 2 fields per frame.  Many security systems will record a different camera to each of these 2 fields.  Doing a frame grab will result in a mixture or blending of these two separate camera views. 

Why Your Video Demultiplexer Won't Work On Most Other Tapes

There is no standard for how a video multiplexer indexes the separate camera views on the security tape.  Since this multiplexing code is writing in many different formats from different manufacturers, you would need up to 5 or 6 different demultiplexing decks to be able to process the wide range of tapes you receive as forensic video evidence.

The Solution is dPlex Pro.

dPlex Pro is a universal video Demultiplexing device.  By analyzing the actual image, dPlex Pro can separate the multiplexed video images into individual camera views, making forensic video analysis easy.

Processing Multiplexed Video Using dPlex Pro
Using dTective, powered by Avid Systems, digitize your original multiplexed video evidence using the lossless uncompressed video setting.  This will store an exact copy of the original on your forensic video enhancement system. Once digitized, the footage can be slowed down, sped up, paused, reversed and even duplicated without ever losing any of it’s original quality. You can now open the video evidence clip in dPlex Pro and demultiplex your video evidence. You can export each individual view as a separate clip, and/or save multiple views in a “matrix”, allowing you to play a single file with up to sixteen individual camera views simultaneously.

dPlex Pro is a universal video Demultiplexing device
4 Camera Matrix View

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