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DVR dCoder - Digital Surveillance Capturing and Decoding Tool

Digital Surveillance Capturing and Decoding Tool

Digital surveillance video presents unique and often frustrating challenges to a forensic video analyst. Many times the digital file is recorded in a proprietary format and it requires a proprietary player to simply view the file. DVR dCoder solves this problem by capturing a copy of the original and exporting it to an uncompressed open media format such as TIFF, QTIME or AVI.

Capture and Ouput Video and Audio from proprietary DVR recorders

Also supports cell phone 3GP video files

DVR dCoder

Simply play the digital surveillance file in its player and allow DVR dCoder to capture the video at uncompressed quality.  Once captured, you can output your evidence as a video file or uncompressed single images for further processing.

Once Captured, Process Your Images In ClearID

Most analysts will want to export uncompressed still images to be clarified using Ocean Systems ClearID Image Clarification Workflow.

DVR dCoder Outputs

  • Uncompressed Image Files (TIFFs)
  • Uncompressed Video Files
  • Compressed video and images for easy distribution