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Avid's video editing tools contain up to 24 real-time audio tracks allowing simultaneous audio sources, such as surveillance audio, police radio communications and 911 calls, to be aligned with a specific video incident. The mouse jog on Avid provides fine and detailed analog scrubbing of both audio and picture allowing the analyst to zero in on specific sounds. Audio waveforms provide a visual representation of the audio allowing the analyst to instantly spot spikes in the audio such as gunshots. Audio levels on Avid can be adjusted in real-time with on-screen controls or external third party mixers. Avid records each fader move and instantly updates the sequence to reflect the new audio levels.

The audio capabilities of Avid can be further extended with AudioSuite plug-ins. These third-party tools tackle advanced forensic audio applications like dynamic noise reduction and hiss removal. Near inaudible covert audio sources become valuable audio evidence. Also offered is DAC's QuickEnhance, an AudioSuite plugin that adds powerful audio analysis tools to the dTective system.