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Capturing Digital Surveillance | Capturing SD or HD Resolutions | NTSC Standard Video

Digital Surveillance Capturing and Decoding Tool

DVR dCoder is designed to aid investigators in the conversion of digital surveillance files from a proprietary format standard formates for future processing. Simply play your surveillance video in it's native player and use DVR dCoder to capture the video. This digitized footage is a duplicate of the original file in an uncompressed digital format. Once digitized, the footage can imported into the dTective system for further examination, and can be output in a variety of different formats, including analog.

Select the window or region of a window of digital surveillance you would like to capture and let DVR dCoder do the rest!

Listed below are some of the significant features of DVR dCoder:

  • Capture digital surveillance from virtually any source
  • Select an entire window to capture or only a region of a window
  • Process the digital surveillance as AVI or QuickTime (including the Avid Meridien Uncompressed codec)
  • Automatically remove duplicate frames
  • Import into the dTective system and output to multiple formats, including analog