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Features and Demos -> Analyzing Video:

dPlex Pro - universal demultiplexing tool
Universal Demultiplexing Tool

dPlex Pro allows you to demultiplex multiple camera views at once, then interactively select which demultiplexed camera views you would like to view. Those views can then be saved as individual video clips and/or as "matrix" video clips - a single video clip with up to sixteen individual camera views playing simultaneously.

dPlex Pro Interface
dPlex Pro - . Click image to enlarge.

dPlex Pro Key Features:

  • Demultiplex video recorded from any multiplex source
  • Demultiplex and view multiple camera views at once
  • Save any demultiplexed camera as an individual video clip
  • Save multiple demultiplexed cameras in a matrix - a video clip allowing you to view up to 16 demultiplexed cameras at once
  • Arrange camera views by order of importance

Also included with the dTective system is the original dPlex AVX plug-in. dPlex works within Avid and allows you to demultiplex individual camera views. Click here to read more