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Easily Target and Zoom Specific Areas of Video Evidence

MAGNIFi enlarges a section of the video and displays the result either full screen or to a user defined portion of the screen. Once the target area is defined and an output mode is selected, the zoom control magnifies the image. MAGNIFi provides independent controls of both target and output borders. These are especially useful when presenting the results in court or when isolating individual cameras in quad-split footage.

With MAGNIFi, the analyst has complete control over the target and output border color, shape and size. Output can be displayed using one of four views (off, full, 90% full and quad). Other powerful controls include brightness, contrast, gamma, opacity, and 360 degree rotation. The analyst can leave the enlarged image as is or can choose from 12 mathematical filters to further clarify the results.


Target (red) and Output (green) boxes shown with quad setting selected. Click image to enlarge.