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Features and Demos -> Capturing Video:

720 X 486 Industry Standard ITU-R 601 Image Output

When digitizing NTSC standard definition video, it's important to digitize the full 720 x 486 pixel matrix of the NTSC signal (a total of 349,920 pixels). This captures all of the data from the original tape. dTective digitizes video at the industry standard 720 x 486 pixel matrix, capturing the full NTSC resolution ensuring analysis of every pixel.

Many capture devices on the market today are only capable of recording a 640 X 480 pixel matrix; These devices capture 42,720 fewer pixels from each NTSC frame than a 720 x 486 capture card.

Viewing 720 x 486 video (349,920 Pixels) vs. Viewing Underscanned Video on a Television Monitor

A typical television contains an underscan area that crops the top, bottom and sides of the image. This cropping conceals approximately 10% of the image, often hiding important clues from the investigator. Avid Xpress displays every pixel of the video, including the underscan area.

Image as seen on typical TV monitor
Seen with underscan areas viewable:
Notice you can now see the gun.
underscan underscan fix