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Forensic Multimedia Evidence Processing Overview

Processing Video, Images and Audio
Using Ocean Systems Solutions

Ocean Systems provides solutions for working with various forms of multimedia evidence.
Below is a summary of some of the workflows.

What Media Should I Been Working From ?

When processing evidence, always work with the original source media whenever possible and export to uncompressed or lossless formats such as uncompress MOV or AVI for video or BMP or TIFF for images. 

Warning - .JPG format is a compressed format. Even the least compressed JPG is still compressed.

Digital Video Evidence Clarification Workflow Using Omnivore

Omnivore capture video from video player> export TIFF(s) > select images through ClearID Import F6> process using ClearID to complete your Image Clarification


DVR dCoder capture video from video player > export TIFF(s) > select images through ClearID Import F6> process using ClearID to complete your Image Clarification

Analog Video Evidence Clarification Workflow:

Capture in Avid at uncompressed 1:1 video > dPlex/dPlex Pro > export BMP ors TIFF(s) > elect images through ClearID Import F6 >process using ClearID to complete your Image Clarification

Audio Evidence Clarification Workflow:

Capture with Avid or other audio capture software > convert to realtime using Avid Time Shift if needed > process using DAC QE/AS automated audio clarification filters



While Ocean Systems provides you a streamlined workflow for processing DVR CCTV digital video and still images that are not Avid centric, the Avid video editing environment can still play an important piece in a complete solution.

From with in Avid you can run a host of other processes and complete your analysis. Here is some of what you can do:

  • Demultiplex pan-tilt-zoom multiplexed cameras with dPlex
  • Stabilize shaky video
  • Highlight or blur a persons face or object and track it as it moves with Spotlight
  • Label, annotate and index video
  • Redactions from video and audio
  • Frame average with dVeloper
  • Automated Transcript to video synchronization and open captioning
  • Automated color correction
  • Audio clarification using Avid Audio Suite and DAC Quick Enhance/AS
  • Presenting your multimedia case to suspects and courts

Avid is also the host environment to launch the DAC QE/AS audio clarification suite. DAC QE/AS is an easy to use yet powerful suite designed specifically for forensic audio clarification. With all the tools located in one integrated interface and automated filters, you don't have to be an audio expert to get amazing results. But if you are, there are manual settings that allow you to take advantage of your knowledge and experience.

Indexing and Managing the Case

Avid also allows you to index video with case notes called locators. With locators you can create index points in your video. Once indexed with a locator you can instantly navigate to those points in the video with a simple mouse click to review the video and associated case notes. A printable locator report can then be accessed that allows you to see the associated frame with the case notes.

Presenting Your Evidence

Regardless of whether your case started as analog video or CCTV DVR digital video, you can present all your evidence assets including video, stills and audio using the Avid. Avid allows you to present the evidence surrounding your case in the context in which it happened. While printed still images of evidence can be vital, it is also important to show the context in which an event happened both before and after your printed still.

Additionally, dTective includes several presentation and analysis modules that can be applied to video from within the Avid interface such as SpotLight and MAGNIFi. Avid also provides full video titling and labeling tools to help highlight important areas of interest in your evidence.

Additionally, analysts use the Avid to do reverse projection. They go on location and hold a measuring standard in the exact place a suspect was standing and record it using the security video system. They then take both the original video and the new video with the standard in it and do a 50% superimpose (overlay) so the standard shows up in the exact spot the suspect was standing. This is a vital and accurate process for determining height.

This is a summary of just some of the features and advantages of a complete forensic multimedia evidence clarification solution from Ocean Systems that includes dTective, Avid, ClearID and DAC QE/AS.