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Protect Your Video Evidence Against Drive Failure

Ocean Systems SafeAV

Get terabytes of redundant, protected storage at an affordable price

Are you worried about losing your video evidence due to a media drive failure, or are you just spending too much valuable time clearing drive space for your next case? If so, then add Terabytes of protected storage with SafeAV.

SafeAV protects your evidence against drive failure with Raid 5 technology and redundant power supplies. If a drive fails, simply replace it and the system can restore itself.*

SafeAV features two Ultra320 SCSI channels and is powered by a cutting edge 64-bit RAID engine that maximizes disk performance. SafeAV offers a flexible and powerful solution that can increase your productivity and peace of mind.


SafeAV can be stacked to create even larger storage units.

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Features include:

SAS300 Interface with 4 channels for a total of 1200 MB/s

Hot-swappable drives and Hot-swappable dual power supplies
Audible power and drive failure alarm
Powerful 64-bit architecture which maximized disk performance
Spare drive included
Rackmountable 2RU unit

*Qualified replacement drives available through Ocean Systems.

*SafeAV protects against drive failure, not file corruption.

- 72GB required for 1 hr. of uncompressed video.