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Free Seminar: From Acquisition to Prosecution
Understanding the Value and Challenges of Digital Video Evidence

Who should attend:
Prosecutors, First Responders, Video Technicians & Analysts, and Command Staff.

Regardless of your role, you’ll leave with a better understanding of the value and challenges associated with Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME).

Going Beyond the PLAY Button™

It wasn’t long ago CCTV systems were a standard VHS tape-based format that was easy to collect and easy for the lay person to understand in court. Now the landscape is littered with digital video recording (DVR) devices from hundreds of manufacturers using different recording methods and file formats that require proprietary viewers. This creates a host of challenges for today’s investigators and prosecutors looking to accurately utilize today’s video evidence.

It’s important to understand that just because you can play a video file, doesn’t mean it’s playing accurately or correctly.  Are you seeing all of the recorded information and was the evidence collected using the best possible methods? Is the courtroom equipped to present video evidence properly? If any of these questions concern you, then attending this seminar is a must.

You’ll also learn more about the solutions that are successfully being used today by law enforcement agencies for acquiring, processing, and managing DME. ...From Acquisition to Prosecution.


  • Larry Compton - Certified Digital & Forensic Video Analyst and former New York State Peace Officer/Municipal Police Instructor


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Free Seminar
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