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06/05/18 QuickDME v3.2.0.2 Released - Download Today!
04/16/18 QuickDME v3.1.0.8 Released - Download Today!
04/04/18 QuickDME v3.1 Webinar Announced for 4/18 @ 1:00 PM EDT Register Today!
03/29/18 QuickDME v3.1.0.5 Released - Download Today!
01/16/18 QuickDME v3.0.0.9 Released - Download Today!
09/08/17 QuickDME v3.0.0.5 Released - Download Today!
08/7/17 QuickDME Webinar - New Features in Version 3! - Watch Recorded Replay
04/12/17 QuickDME Overview Webinar - Watch Recorded Replay
03/23/17 QuickDME v2.5.0.52 Released - Download Today!
02/24/17 QuickDME v2.5.0.49 Released - Download Today!
06/23/16 QuickDME v2.3.0.40 Released - Download Today!

Added email notification capability & customizable alerts! Also added ability to transcode Audio CD's on ingest, improved Search functionality, new Item Inventory report, new Purge interface, various bug fixes...and more!


New QuickDME Demo Package with Easy-to-Use Deployment Installer

- Get Set-Up in Just Minutes

  • Demo Database and Data to instantly sample
  • 3x User Licenses for 30-day
  • User Guides and Overview Videos
  • Deployment.exe for easy set-up in just minutes


11/17/15 QuickDME v2.1.0.31 Released - Download Today!

NEW Auto-purge by Crime Type based on Retention Period. Added ability to Purge from AccessDME with proper permissions. Added Sensitive Content override. Added Quick Item Summary when viewing Case or Download record...and a lot more!

7/16/15 QuickDMEâ„¢ - Digital Evidence Manager Overview Video Released
04/16/15 Watch our QuickDME Webinar Recording, created 4/15/2015
05/28/14 Ocean Systems Releases QuickDME - Digital Evidence Asset Manager

QuickDME provides Law Enforcment agencies a secure, end-to-end digital evidence management solution.