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ClearID Image Clarification for Adobe Photoshop

Regardless of where the images originate, be it proprietary CCTV-DVR digital video files, web video, analog video, still cameras, or scanned images such as finger prints, ClearID from Ocean Systems is where they should end up if you are looking to unlock your hidden evidence.

ClearID 3.5.0 for PS 2021 Available For Download - Released 10-01-2020


Non-Destructive Workflow and Real-Time Preview
ClearID not only provides clarification filters that are powerful, easy-to-use, and non-destructive to your original evidence, it also provides you a tabbed workflow interface that guides you through the image clarification process. ClearID also provides integrated color preview windows and easy-to-use slider bars so you can quickly discover the optimal settings for clarifying your image evidence.

Automation, Hashing, Verification Report, Presentation
Once you apply a CID or PS filter through the ClearID workflow interface, ClearID automatically applies a SHA-1 hash to your image(s) for each process and stores the settings in the new layer. When you complete your processing, ClearID allows you to generate a verification report that shows all of your settings so there is no need to manually record them. With this report and your original evidence, your work can be reproduced for peer review or court room presentation. You can even export your work product for distribution using the new HTML Slide Show Presenter.

ClearID Slide Show Presenter exports your work product with layers that can be turned on/off, with zoom and other viewing functions. This is all done viewable through standard HTML browsers that reference the uncompressed images of each layer in your work product. This is a great feature for per review or showing your work product in court.

Already using Adobe Photoshop for Image Enhancement?
If you are already using Photoshop for image enhancement, you should love ClearID because it integrates Photoshop functions along with the expanded ClearID clarification filters. When you use ClearID, you gain the added benefits of extra clarification filters and workflow that are hashed and automatically documented in a verification report.

ClearID Brochure (4 pages)

(Interface, Layers, Samples, Verification Report & More)

The Best Image Clarification Starts with Proper Acquisition and Processing

Whenever possible, always work on the least compressed images possible.  All digital images are not created equally.  If you are interested in learning more about proper acquisition and processing, consider one of our training classes listed on our training page.

Tools for Digital Capture and Processing

Omnivore or the Omnivore Field Kit are forensically sound capture solutions - Learn More

Expand Your Processing Power to a More Complete Workflow Solution

Depending on your needs, you could benefit from a more complete multi-media evidence processing solution. Ocean Systems offers module solutions for all stages or digital evidence processing from acquisition to prosecution.  Visit our Forensic Solutions Page for a summary of what we offer.