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Forensic Audio Software - DAC QuickEnhance

Forensic Audio Software - DAC QuickEnhance®

Hear What You've Been Missing


DAC QuickEnhance v2.3.0 Feature Summary:

Platform Support

  • AAX Plugin v2.3.2 support: 64bit
    Programs such Avid MC 8.2 and later
    Demo version available.
  • VST Plugin v2.3.2 support: 64bit & 32bit
    Programs such as Sony Sound Forge, Acon Acoustica,
    Adobe Audition. Demo version available.
  • Audio Suite (AS) v2.3 Plugin: 32bit
    Avid Media Composer up to version 8.1,
    Digidesign Pro Tools systems version 6.0 or higher.


  • 20-band EQ
  • Improved, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Improved Auto-Normalize feature with implementation of 10dB max
  • Improved Hum Filter by adding "filter amount" control
  • 1000-Band Spectrum Analyzer allows you to visualize the audio under investigation, thus increasing user efficiency
  • Five powerful digital processing stages (DSP) including Hum Filter, Predictable Noise Reduction, Random Noise Reduction, and Automatic Gain Control
  • Attack noises such as power hum, static, reverberation, acoustic resonance, hiss, muffling, and engine sounds
  • Auto-Tracking Precision Hum Filter. Filter amount control has been added
  • Report Generator outputs filter settings for future reference and accurate case documentation
  • Save and recall filter configurations for future processing
  • Bypass button for comparison of processed vs unprocessed audio
  • 200 Hz high-pass filter to remove DC offset and low frequency rumble
  • Initial auto-normalization stages to maximize signal amplitude
  • USB hardware key included


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