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Field Kit

Omnivore Field Kit - DVR Recovery Flash Drives


This set of flash drives can be purchased separately from a full Field Kit. Often an agency will purchase 1-2 full Field Kits (Qty 1 is included with each Field Kit) but also want to outfit all your first responders with the flash drives.

Designed to Make Native File Recovery Easy

  • Some DVR systems require a specific size FAT32 formatted drive
  • The DVRs are located in hard to reach places
  • There are lots of cable attached so there is only allow a narrow space for you to insert a USB drive. 

The Omnivore Field Kit Flash Drive Set with lanyard is design to help with all these situations.

  • Dimensions: Narrow 12 mm, Short 41 mm, 5mm thick
  • Sturdy Brush Metal with USB Protect Connector
  • Lanyard and Key Chain Loop to keep them organized and help with removable from tight spaces
  • Labeled clearly externally & internally. Drives mount in Windows OS as USB-FK-2GB, etc.
  • Sizes: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16B FAT32 Formatted
  • Click here to Order Online
  • $79/per set