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Forensic Video Capture Field Kit


Which model is right for you?

Omnivore Forensic Video Capture Field Kit:

  • Portable Workstation 15" or 17"
  • Omnivore Drive w/capture software
  • Omnivore Field Kit Viewer Software
  • Omnivore DVI Bridge for VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • SD Video Converter for Composite and S-Video
  • Solid State HHD USB/eSATA Transport Drive
  • Field Kit Flash Drives Set for DVR native file export
  • Cables - Color Video Coded
  • Devices Case & Travel Bag (Back Pack Optional)

Complete Video Capture Field Kit Available for under $5,000

Additional Forensic Processing Tools and Options

Add additional tools to create a forensic multimedia processing station for the field and office.

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