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Forensic Clarification and Analysis Solutions
Video - Image - Audio

Balancing Power with Ease of Use

Over 1,500 dTective systems are already being used successfully by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, and DEA as well as other government and private security groups in the U.S. and around the world.

Innovative, Powerful and Easy to Use
Ocean Systems has consistently been first to market with a wide range of powerful and easy-to-use tools for processing and managing forensic video, image and audio evidence. Investing in a forensic solutions means you can be assured that we will continue to develop the next generation of tools and services to help you solve your cases.

Work Efficiently - Limit Your Liability & Increase Your Public Relations
Get the right people off the street more quickly with less investigation cost and with a stronger case that limits your agencies exposure against wrongful prosecution law suits.

The evidence is mounting

Video surveillance is a groundbreaking weapon in the fight to capture and convict those who choose to break the law. Evidence captured on video has been found to be more accurate, more reliable, and more convincing than eyewitness testimony alone.

Each Complete dTective system provides the the following capabilities:

  • Process Digital (DVR) or Analog Video Evidence
  • DVR security video - decode digital video (DVR) files from proprietary security systems into uncompressed video
  • Demultiplex video
  • Enhance dark video and poor quality video security and surveillance video
  • Print stills from Video to photo paper or digital files for fast distribution
  • Archive to CD or DVD
  • Highlight or obscure an important areas of forensic video tapes
  • Magnify video to display the result either full screen, or to a user defined portion on screen.
  • De-interlace field recorded forensic video to avoid blurry stills printed from video
  • ClearID Forensic video and image enhancement tools
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Video stabilization
  • Insert case notes linked to forensic video evidence
  • Automatic project archiving
  • Variable slow motion speed adjustment to compensate for time lapsed video
  • Picture in Picture
  • Titling and labeling
  • Combine and stack tools
  • User definable layout and keyboard/interface short cuts

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