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Stanley Cup Riot Investigation

Ocean Systems' Omnivore Plays Vital Role As World's Top Forensic Video Analysts Gather to Investigate Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot Video Evidence

The Vancouver PD Integrated Riot Investigators Team (IRIT) turns to Ocean Systems' Forensic Video Analysis Solutions and the LEVA Forensic Video Analysis Response Team to process over 5000 hours of video evidence related to the June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver.


Help the Vancouver PD Identify the Suspects?

Help the Vancouver PD Identify Riot Suspects -

Article - The Provence
Inside the hunt for Vancouver's Stanley Cup Rioters

June, 2012 - With Friday marking the first anniversary of the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot, The Province revisits some of the key issues surrounding this traumatic episode in Vancouver's history.

The most recent stats show IRIT has recommended 674 charges against 225 suspected rioters, including 27 assault charges. IRIT has recommended charges of “participating in a riot” against every suspected rioter. Crown has so far approved 276 criminal charges against 104 rioters.

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Article - Vancouver Sun by Jeff Lee
61 Stanley Cup Riot charges approved by Crown

Dec 01, 2011 - Nearly six months after the Stanley Cup riot erupted in downtown Vancouver, crown counsel named the first 25 people to be charged with a total of 61 offences.

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Article - INDSTAR by Vic Ryckaert
UIndy's forensic video lab helps nab rioters in Canada

Nov 25, 2011 - Detective Constable Christian Lowe was among about 50 technicians and detectives from the Vancouver Police Department who came to the University of Indianapolis to use its Digital Media Evidence Processing Lab. / Charlie Nye / The Star 2001 file photo

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Video Press Conference
Vancouver Police Recommend 163 Charges Against 60 Suspected Rioters

October 31, 2011 - Chief Constable Jim Chu: On the night of June 15th, thousands of people committed criminal acts, destroying property, stealing property, and assaulting those who got in their way.

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