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ClearID Photoshop Plug-ins - Forensic Image Clarification & Analysis Workflow

ClearID v3.5 Download Request Form

Complete the form then click "Submit" to proceed to the download page.

Supports: (Adobe Photoshop 64-bit versions) - CS4 through CC 2020

For Best Results: 

  • Use CID on uncompressed image format such as BMP, TIFF, not compressed formats like .JPG
  • Questions - please us the integrated "Support" button in the ClearID interface.
  • Share your results - You can also use the "Support" button to submit screen shots and images.

30-Day Trial Mode: ClearID will run in a 30-day trial mode until unlocked.

If you need assistance clarifying an image, make note of that in the comments.

Complete the form below and "you will be forwarded to the ClearID Download Page."

Contact Information
Download Request
Additional Comments

Click "Submit Request" to get forwarded to the download page.

If you are not forwarded, recheck that all required field are completed.


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