Press Release

New dTective Module From Ocean Systems

May 15, 2006. Ocean Systems, Burtonsville, MD

OCEAN SYSTEMS announces the release of our newest dTective module.

dPlex Pro V2.06

Free Download And Activation For Customers Currently In Support

1. If you purchased a dTective system on or after 3-1-2005, you qualify.

Your system came with 1 year of support.

2. Those with Ocean Systems dTective support as of 3-1-2006.

Follow the link below to learn more about dPlex Pro V2.06 and how to get your copy.

About Ocean Systems

Ocean Systems, a division of Dynamic Technologies, Inc., is the manufacturer and distributor of dTective®, powered by Avid Systems.  dTective®, the leading forensic video enhancement solution, is used by over 1000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world. Ocean Systems was also recognized as the first Authorized Systems Integrator for Avid Technology, Inc.  For more information on dTective® forensic video and audio enhancement tools, please visit


Since 1997, Ocean Systems has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying turnkey non-linear video editing systems using the Avid Technology video editing products.  Ocean Systems specializes in configurations that offer unique features and functions such as manufacturing the first professional Meridien based portable Avid named The Luggable™ and The Fly-Away™. 

dTective® is a registered trademark of Ocean Systems, a division of Dynamic Technologies, Inc.  Ocean Systems, The Luggable™, The Fly-Away™ and the Ocean Systems logo are trademarks of Ocean Systems.   All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.