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November 18, 2009                                                      



Ocean Systems Previews ClearID® v2.5 Forensic Image Clarification Software

New version to incorporate dramatic speed improvements and new Super Resolution Proscessing

Burtonsville, MD November 18, 2009 – At the 20th Annual LEVA International Video Evidence Symposium & Training Conference in Fort Worth, Texas (Nov 18-20), Ocean Systems, a premier provider of Forensic Video, Image and Audio Analysis technology with over 1500 systems in use throughout North America, will be demonstrating the next release of ClearID® v2.5, a forensic image-clarification suite.

ClearID v2.5 includes multiple enhancements, with dramatic speed improvements in processing and previews -- and the addition of Super Resolution Processing.

“We consistently hear from our customers their need for forensic image clarification tools that are FAST, POWERFUL and EASY-TO-USE,” said Chris Russ, Chief Scientist at Ocean Systems, “so these are the three primary areas we always strive to deliver on - and we believe we have accomplished all three of our goals with this latest release.”

      • In ClearID v2.5, real-time preview capabilities are now available in even the most intense Fourier and Frequency Filters. Simply adjust your settings and view real-time results in these enhanced filters. These speed improvements make it easier and quicker to obtain dramatic results in your image evidence.

     • ClearID v2.5 now includes a Super Resolution processing tool, designed to effectively process low
frame rate security video, the type of video most often received by Law Enforcement.

"Workflow, accuracy and repeatability are critical," says Angelo Guarino, President and Founder of Ocean Systems. “With this new release of ClearID v2.5, an analyst looking to provide a clearer image of a license plate, or other still image evidence, now has even more powerful tools.” 

With the combination of Ocean Systems’ dTective for video and ClearID for still-image work, you have the tools and the streamlined workflow to effectively and efficiently work with analog and digital video evidence in either format, depending on your needs.

ClearID v2.5 will greatly increase your processing power by providing an expanded set of image clarification filters that are accessible from a master workflow menu. The new ClearID workflow in version 2.5 guides you through an image clarification process that is consistent with the best practices guidelines as taught by LEVA.

ClearID v2.5 is expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010.

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About Ocean Systems:
Since 1999, Ocean Systems has been providing Law Enforcement Agencies with powerful multi-media evidence clarification and case management systems known as the Ocean Systems dTective® System, powered by Avid® Systems. dTective® Forensic Video and Image Clarification systems with ClearID® have become the standard with Law Enforcement and are the products of choice for over 1,000 Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. and around the world.

For more information on Ocean Systems' dTective® Forensic Video and Image Clarification systems with ClearID®, please visit

Charles Guarino, Vice President


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