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For Immediate Release:                                                                          

February 17 , 2011                                                      


European Law Enforcement Agencies Continue to Standardize on Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Process Their Crime Scene Video

The Netherlands, Romania and the UK Acquire Forensic Multimedia Analysis Systems to Better Protect their Citizens and Government Assets

Burtonsville, MD February 17, 2011 US based Ocean Systems, the market leader in forensic video analysis and image clarification solutions, today announced that its dTective ® solution was selected by three more European agencies - The Netherlands Police, The National Institute of Forensic Expertise (NIFE) in Romania, and The Avon & Somerset Constabulary in the UK.

Criminal activity is being caught on an ever-increasing number of camera systems around the world. In response, law enforcement agencies are seeking to significantly improve their investigation efficiency in which they process multimedia crime scene assets. Video, image and audio evidence often holds valuable hidden clues. With the right equipment, this evidence can be extracted revealing critical details to help direct the investigation and solve the case in less time. As a result, agencies can more quickly get to the truth regarding the facts of a case while also lowering their investigation costs.

After researching the available solutions from reputable companies, each agency selected Ocean Systems dTective as their solution.

“We chose to standardize on Ocean Systems’ dTective solution because of their superior tools, ease-of-use, and their well-established reputation for quality support. Ocean Systems is a highly reliable company that provides innovative solutions that meet the challenges of our investigators. I have been involved in providing forensic multimedia evidence solutions for over 13 years and have evaluated many products. They simply have the best tools for analyzing forensic video and other image evidence.” Paul Snell, Jarvis Media, UK.

“dTective is now being utilized in over 30 countries and all 50 states in the US excluding Wyoming. Ocean Systems continues to focus on developing the next generation of innovative forensic multimedia processing tools to help investigators close cases more quickly and at less investigation cost. We are very excited that these European agencies can more easily fight crime with our tools.” Angelo Guarino, President and CEO of Ocean Systems.

Trusted Solutions from a Trusted Company
Since 1999, Ocean Systems has been providing multi-media evidence clarification and case management systems to law enforcement. dTective® forensic video, image, and audio clarification systems have become the standard and are the systems of choice of over 1,500 Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the US and around the world.

Ocean Systems dTective® solutions are listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule; contract number GS-35F-0638J.

For more information:, 800-253-7516

Charles Guarino, Vice President