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Forensic Video Analysis: dTective in the Press

New York State Police -
Jim Kennedy, the Director of Forensic Video and Multimedia Services for New York State Police, talks to about the renovation of the unit's office and the growing role of video in law enforcement investigations. 

HBO's "The Wire"
The season finale of the hit HBO crime drama will feature forensic video analysis solutions from both Ocean Systems and Avid Technology, Inc.

Allegheny County PD - The Pittsburgh Tribune
Jim Holman and Ed Adams talk about multiplexed video and poor quality digital security video

Chandler PD, AZ - The Arizona Republic
A Crime Solving System that allowed 2 men to work 100's of cases over several months. They are also part of the HLS Video Response Team

Lewisville PD, TX - Lewisville Leader
DOJ grant money funds video clarification system. Crook will no longer be able to hide in fuzzy surveillance video.

Nebraska State Patrol - The Independent
Nebraska State Patrol adds forensic video unit using seizure funds

Woodbury, MN - City Council Letter
dTective forensic video analysis system is the Market Leader

Woburn PD, MA
Woburn PD and their portable dTective forensic video analysis system

San Francisco PD - TechTV
The Tape Tells All. Before and After dTective video clarification

ABC News
Post Office Anthrax Attacks And Tech Review

911 NY Attacks

Court TV
Prosecution Shows Video of Nathaniel Brazil Shooting to Rapt Courtroom

Eagle Tribune
Local Company Helps FBI Focus on Terrorism

Transcript of the 20/20 Episode Featuring dTective