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Recent Magazine Articles

New Jersey agency invests in Advanced Video Forensics
The Union County Prosecutor's Office positioned itselft to handle the volume and variety of video evidence that the future promies to bring.

Evidence Technology - July/August, 2014 Issue

Creative Financing
When an Indiana Police Department needed a tool for analyzing video surveillance files, it chose the Ocean Systems solution.  Then it turned to local retailers and bankers for funding.

Police Magazine – March, 2014 Issue

Ocean Systems' Forensic Video Acquisition Field Kit Lightens the Load for Law Enforcement
Plug-and-Play, lightweight, affordable video acquisition Field Kit allows users to go on scene and walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence needed to investigate the case.

Police & Security News – September/October, 2013 Issue

5,000 Hours of Riot Video processed using Omnivore
The 2011 hockey riots in Vancouver proved the value of the latest innovations in forensic video technology.

Evidence Technology - January/February, 2012 Issue

Tearing Off the Mob's Mask
Using forensic video analysis, Vancouver area officials are prosecuting hockey hooligans who rioted after the local team failed to take the Stanley Cup.

Police Mag - December, 2011 Issue

Video Acquisition and Storage Made Easy
Omnivore's specialized capture software, combined with a portable 32GB thumb drive, simplifies video acquisition for all levels of users.

Police & Security News - September/October, 2011 Issue

Caught on Camera
Tarrant County DA's Office uses dTective to put away perpetrators.

Police Mag - October, 2010 Issue

Forensic Video in the Courtroom by Grant Fredericks
Evidence Technology - May/June 2010 Issue

How to buy a video analysis system by Tim Dees
Recommend configurations, Training, and more. - May 2010

Older Magazine Articles

ClearID v2.0 Workflow Image Clarification Review by Jim Hoerricks
Balancing Power with Ease of Use.
Evidence Technology - May/June 2008 Issue

Ocean Systems new Mobile Multimedia Evidence Training Lab
Ocean Systems and LEVA announce mobile training lab.
Government Video January 2008 Issue

Considerations for establishing your own Forensic Video Unit
Evidence Technology - Sept/Oct 2007 Issue

Regional Forensic Video Analysis Project Outfitted with dTective
International Association of Chiefs of Police - IACP - April 2007

New LEVA laboratory is a giant step forward for video analysis training
Evidence Technology - March/April 2007 Issue

Criminals Caught On Tape - Grant Fredericks - IACP to Link Agencies
Law Enforcement Technology - April 2007 Issue

IACP launches 4 regional forensic video labs and partners with LEVA
Government - February 2007 Issue

Video Forensic Tools
Law And Order - April 2006 Issue