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Ocean Systems Authorized iNPUT-ACE Reseller and Integration Partner
Ocean Systems partners with OCCAM Video Solutions, Inc as an authorized integrator and reseller of -iNPUT-ACE in the United States and Canada


ClearID 3.0 64-bit Image Clarification Software Available for Download

Lots of new features added

05/04/15 dTective 7.2 Software Available for Download
Includes updated ClearID 2.6.4
02/06/15 Omnivore 3.0 Software and New USB 3.0 64BG Drives Available

Ocean Systems announces the release of Omnivore v3.0 capture software with many new and improved features alone with new faster and larger USB 3.0 64GB drives.


dTective 7.1 Software Available for Download

Ocean Systems announces the release dTective 7.1 with CSL and CSC ClearID AVX video clarification plugins


Ocean Systems QuickDME Released - Digital Evidence Asset Manager Workflow

QuickDME provides Law Enforcement agencies a secure digital evidence management workflow solution for ingesting, securing, organizing, viewing, and disseminating all your digital media assets.


New York State Police renovate state-of-the-art facility at its headquarters in Albany using hardware and software from Ocean Systems.
James Kennedy, the Director of Forensic Video and Multimedia Services for New York State Police, spoke to about the renovation of the unit's office and the growing role of video in investigations. Listen to the podcast here.


New Three Day DVR Assessment and Video Recovery Training Course

Ocean Systems expands its training course offering with this new innovative class. Law Enforcement students will perform evidentiary video recovery from multiple different DVR's using various methods and techniques to include exporting the native files, copying of the original recorded files, video capture, network connectivity & acquisition and exporting.


Ocean Systems Hires Larry Compton as its Digital Media  Expert Certified Digital & Multimedia Analyst and Former New York State Peace Officer/Municipal Police Instructor Larry Compton, brings over 25 years of video experience to his new position with Ocean Systems.


Ocean Systems Supplies the Latest in Forensic Video Hardware and Software Technology for LEVA Lab 2.0 Facility Upgrade

With these twenty new state-of-the-art workstations loaded with the latest Ocean Systems forensic software and connected by a new collaborative shared storage unit, the LEVA Lab will contiue to serve as the hub for forensic video analysis and digital multimedia processing training, both in the US and internationally.


ClearID v2.6.3 Released - Ready for Immediate Download

Update for Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC).


Omnivore v2.0 w/Active Audio Sync Released - Ready for Immediate Download

Utilizing the results from the Omnivore Video Optimization Tool, Omnivore Active Audio Sync (AAS) allows you to capture audio that remains in sync with low frame rate and changing frame rate videos.


Apple Authorized Government Reseller

Ocean Systems is now authorized to sell Apple products to Federal, State and Local Government customers under Apples new streamlined government reseller channel.

08/24/12 DAC QuickEnhance® v2.2.0 Release
Support for Avid Media Composer 6.0 and now available as a VST plugin allowing users to access the QuickEnhance audio clarification filters with VST supported audio and video programs. The VST version runs in trial mode until it is unlocked.
08/24/12 Stanley Cup Riots Investigation - Ocean Systems Omnivore Digital Video Capture Tool Plays Vital Role video Processing for Which LEVA and IRIT Will Receive the 2012 IACP Vollmer Awards
Omnivore was the primary tool used to capture all the digital video evidence before it was tagged and ingested into a video database allowing investigators to do keyword searches on thousands of hours of video evidence.
06/04/12 dTective v7.0 Released – 06-04-2012
Ocean System is pleased to announce the release of dTective v7.0 which is compatible with Avid editing systems from Avid Xpress Pro to Avid Media Composer 6.0 64bit.
10/30/11 Stanley Cup Riots Investigation - Omnivore Plays Vital Role As World’s Top Forensic Video Analysts Gather to Investigate Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots Video Evidence
Riot Investigators at Vancouver Police Department turn to Ocean Systems’ Forensic Video Analysis Solutions to process and analyze over 3000 hours of video evidence related to the June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver
10/22/11 Omnivore v1.5.1.3 Free Update Released – 10-20-2011
Ocean Systems announces the release of Omnivore v1.5.  This is a free upgrade to all Omnivore customers.
08/04/11 Omnivore from Ocean Systems Released - The Next Generation of Digital Video Field Acquisition for Law Enforcement
Now first responders and experienced analysts alike can go on location with confidence that they can walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence they need to investigate the case. With Omnivore, you have the ability to capture video evidence directly from the system that recorded it without any dropped frames. Once captured, you can instantly view your evidence without needing to install hard-to-find proprietary viewers.
03/23/11 Forensic Video Analysis Equipment Showcased at the Retailer Loss Prevention, Auditing & Safety Conference in Orlando, April 11-14 2011
Retailers from Across the Nation Get a First-Hand Look at How Forensic Video Analysis Equipment Can Help Them Limit Their Liability and Lower Their Investigations Costs
03/02/11 Maryland Capitol Police Acquire Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Better Protect Maryland State Government Buildings and Personnel
Department of General Services/Maryland Capitol Police (DGS-MCP) Selects Ocean Systems' dTective Forensic Video Analysis Solution to Expand Investigative Capabilities
02/17/11 European Law Enforcement Agencies Continue to Standardize on Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Process Their Crime Scene Video
The Netherlands, Romania and the UK Acquire Forensic Multimedia Analysis Systems to Better Protect their Citizens and Government Assets
01/05/11 University of Maryland Department of Public Safety Acquires Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Better Protect Campus
University of Maryland Department of Public Safety selects Ocean Systems' dTective forensic video analysis, clarification and case management solution to expand capabilities of its high-tech arsenal
09/14/10 ClearID 2.5, dTective 6.1.2 and dTective SP2 Released
Ocean Systems announces the release and immediate download of ClearID v2.5 and with it we are releasing two new cumulative bundles dTective v6.1.2 and dTective SP2. These releases allow everyone an easy way to get all the most updated tools from Ocean Systems.
07/09/10 Media Forensics Masters Program First of its Kind to Open Fall 2010
University of Colorado Denver - National Center for Media Forensics Lab (NCMF) - To Utilize dTective and ClearID from Ocean Systems to teach forensic video and image analysis in its first of its kind University Masters Program in Media Forensics
04/07/10 archive-R Released by Ocean Systems
archive-R has full support for Avid projects - archive-R™ is OMF/MXF compatible. Launch archive-R and it will scan your system including any external or networked drives. Once complete archive-R will display your Avid projects and all their associated project files including settings, bins, media, attics, statistics and even the Avid trash bin.
Free Demo Version available from download page.
01/12/10 Forensic Video Analysis Systems - Brazilian Federal Police Acquire Nine (9) dTective Systems
This investment by the Brazilian Federal Police shows Ocean Systems continued expansion around the world as the system of choice for law enforcement agencies.
11/18/09 Ocean Systems New Products for 2010 announced at LEVA 2009 Conference
11/18/09 Forensic Image Clarification Software from Ocean Systems Previewed at LEVA
ClearID v2.5 includes multiple enhancements, with dramatic speed improvements in processing and previews — and the addition of Super Resolution Processing.
11/03/09 dTective selected by DHS/FEMA for a Second Consecutive Year
For the Second Consecutive Year, CEDAP Has Selected dTective As Their System of Choice. These Systems Have Been Awarded to Local Law Enforcement Agencies Across The Country.
Training scheduled for Nov 3rd – Nov 6th, 2009
01/30/09 Law Enforcement Gather in Washington, D.C For Training
100 Law Enforcement Agencies visit Washington D.C. to train on Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Clarification Systems. Training scheduled for Feb 9th – Wednesday February 11th, 2009
08/09/08 CEDAP Contract Awarded To Ocean Systems - 100 Systems
dTective and ClearID - Forensic Video Clarification Solution selected as solution of choice by HLS CEDAP for their 2008 open competition for best FVA solution.
06/01/08 ClearID v2.0 Workflow for Adobe Photoshop Released
04/24/08 dTective DVR dCoder 2.5.1 Released
11/09/06 ClearID v1.0 - Forensic Image Clarification Released
10/23/06 LEVA International Law Enforcement Training Lab selects dTective from Ocean Systems
05/22/06 Ocean Systems Completes Expansion of Facility and Personnel
05/18/06 dPlex Pro 2.0 Released
04/01/06 Mike Goldsworthy Joins Ocean Systems